Saturday, January 17, 2015

1 Jn.5:7-8

Much was Added to the modern translations. The first presentation you made of these verses is the Correct one. /-"in- heaven,- the- Father,- the -Word, -and -the- Holy- Ghost:- and- these three- are -one.8-And -there- are- three -that- bear -witness -in -earth"-/ was ADDED. The words are NOT found in any Greek Manuscripts before the 16th century. They were first seen in the (side) margin of some Latin copies. Thus they have crept into the texts. The Father, Word and Holy Spirit are themes (subjects) relative to the passage (chapter) as can be noted when reading it and it seems modern sources felt the liberty to apply their concept of these to the verse for their readers. These verses in this modern form cant be used to push a "trinity" ("3 person" Godhead) without qualified scrutiny. Those who want to push "trinity" thus have need of using other areas of scripture to push their doctrine. CORRECT translation:..... /"For there are three that bear record the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one."/..... How one wants to relate that to (the) Elohim should be based in qualified representation of scripture. More people need to realize this. Study to show thyself approved. All the words from "in heaven" to "in earth" are added by men.

One quick and easy source to refer to on these verses is the Peshitta. I am a kjv supporter when it comes to a "good" English source (along with a strongs) for those who depend on the English however it also misrepresents the texts here. However the "Companion (kjv) Bible" exposes this truth!

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